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 How much wine do I need for a wedding?

Well, this depends from your budget and how the wedding is organised. From our experience, you can get 6 standard size glasses (125 ml) from a bottle of wine. A standard bottle is 750ml.

What type of wine is the best for a wedding?

A sparkling white like Prosecco as "Welcome" is a classic. Serprino Millesimato could be a more refined alternative. Fior d' Arancio, Moscato and Incrocio Manzoni could give a sweet touch. A Franciacorta (the highest Italian quality for a sparkling white wine, equivalent to Champagne) could be jealously kept for the Toast.

For the meal we suggest a white wine and a red one, for example our Bianco and Rosso can be easily matched with many types of food. If you have a menu we can help on this. CONTACT US

The dessert wine, if the "Welcome" is dry, can be a Fior d' Arancio, Moscato or Incrocio Manzoni. Fior d'Arancio is not only a wine but even, according to an Italian tradition in the North East where this wine comes from, a wish and a blessing for the wedding that will be lucky. 

Can I return the wine in excess?

Yes of course. Every sealed bottle in good conditions, without peeled label etc. that could be sold again can be returned and refunded at the same price in according with the manager. 

Can I have the wine delivery to the venue?

Yes. Free Delivery 7 days a week. Just tell us in advance where and when. Of Course, as long as your wedding is in UK or in Italy. :-)

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When should I pay for the wine?

When the wines have been tasted and confirmed we take a 50% deposit from the total amount. A week before the wedding the remaining amount should be paid. We need your confirmation and the deposit paid 6 weeks before the wedding.

Can I taste the wine before the purchase?

Yes of course, we are happy of this. Pick a bottle and drink it at home with your family and friends. This is the best way for a more valued decision. However we suggest to choose no more than two different wines per type.

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Why Italian wine?

Why Scottish Whisky? :-) We are so sure about the quality of our wine that we have the same name. We can guarantee it from the grapes to the bottle displayed on our shelves. We have wines from Colli Euganei that is the area where we come from, it is located between Venice and Verona. Moreover, we have a list of the most important Italian wines in the world. Every single type is a benchmark in its category.

How much will I spend for the wine?

A price list for Weddings is available at the shop. This depends from your budget and an agreement can be found to suit you.  

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Can the wine by cask be suitable for a wedding?

Yes of course. We can provide you the equipment and training. Wine could be draft straight from the cask and decanted in carafes or empty glass bottles that we can provide. CLICK HERE and see how wine by casks works.

 Can you provide glasses, ice buckets, ice etc?

Yes, everything you need related to the wine can be supplied as a package by us. CONTACT US for more details.

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