Sweet Manzoni Moscato 2016 Cantina Colli Euganei 75 cl

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Manzoni Moscato Rose Sparkling Sweet
Dessert Wine
Cantina Colli Euganei

Manzoni Moscato is a Gold Medal wine. Full sparkling rose wine, sweet and aromatic from Colli Euganei area in Veneto, Italy.

Cantina Colli Euganei's aim, for over 60 years, is to preserve the local grapes and the quality on the wine production. Small local vintners grouped together to protect and support local economy.

The presence of marine fossils in the Euganean Hills area reveals their volcanic origin. Reliefs separated by cool valleys, ideal exposure to the sun and alluvial deposits mixed with volcanic rocks give grapes their many characteristic qualities. These special features make fully sparkling wines stand out with their fruity fragrances, sometimes aromatic, and their pleasant sparkle.

Produced from the grape variety Manzoni Moscato (Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25), this Rose wine is one of the most appealing sparkling wines. From the harvest in September, it follows a processing method including a second fermentation in large closed tanks at a controlled temperature (Martinotti method). Manzoni Moscato has a bright pink and intense colour, with a refined perlage. Full-bodied and intense with hints of small berries (sour black cherries, raspberries and strawberries) or ripe citrus fruits. It is a sweet and elegant wine with an aromatic and persistant aftertaste. Ideal with biscuits, tarts containing custard cream, fruit and nuts, or between meals on social and festive occasions. We suggest a serving temperature of 6°C.

Abv: 6%





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