60 Billions of Euro, this is the value of the fake "Made in Italy" products shared by "COLDIRETTI" (Italian Organisation for Producer), with 2 articles out of 3 not related in anyway to the Italian products. From cheese like Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, through tomatoes, mozzarella, EVO oil and wine. Fake imitations do not come only from poor countries as we could think, but from the richest like United States, Australia, followed by European countries.

For these reasons we would like to introduce you the Italian certifications applied to our wines.


Controlled Designation of Origin - Italian Quality Label

DOC wines are produced in specific well-defined regions, according to specific rules designed to preserve the traditional wine-making practices of the individual regions and their territories.

italian wine label doc-.jpg


Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin - Italian Quality Label

Similar to the DOC but more stringent (strictest category). Allowable vineyard yields are generally lower, and DOCG wines must pass an evaluation of a tasting committee before they can be bottled. The establishment of DOCG wines has again resulted in an overall improvement in the quality of Italian wines -- it doesn't make sense for a producer whose vineyards are in a DOCG area to produce wines that aren't good enough to qualify, so they typically strive to follow the strict restrictions.

italian wine label docg.jpg

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