We are Erika and Mauro, we are Italian natives and as it is in our culture we love to eat and drink well. We moved to Scotland in 2014 and we remained strongly attached to our traditions. We then decided to start this venture and propose what for us was a daily pleasure: the good Italian wine. Starting with the very local wines of our native land Colli Euganei, a small area between Venice and Verona, we then expanded our wine list, now boasting over fifty names from Piedmont to Sicily.

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Since November 2015 Falkirk has gained a specialist wine shop, holding now over 50 types of Italian wine labels. We stock the best and renomated wines from our beautiful nation Italy, the biggest wine producing country in the world. Not only big names, we also offer typical local wines from almost every region in Italy. We are keen to highlight that we are an independent family-run business and we chose to directly import our products, in order to guarantee on the wine origin and protect the quality of the wines we select for you. That is the reason why we have different wines from what you normally find on the shelves of supermarkets and chains. 

Italian wine delivery

We also distinguish ourselves from other Off-Sale shops for our draft wines: from the casks to the taps as typically wine makers offer in Veneto. We provide three sizes of bottles/demijohns that are reusable and refillable in store, helping to save on packaging costs and the recycling. These types of wines are perfect for an everyday consumption being nice and light without missing on quality.

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We offer home delivery with the most competitive shipping charges for those who have no access to our Falkirk store or simply are busy enough to come to the shop or wish to be lazy. 


Everyday we work hard to offer the best value for money on our Italian wine range, excellent customer service, engaging customers and inform them on products and deals. Passion for wines is what lead us and make all this possible. Thank you to our past, present and future clients. Erika and Mauro.

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