My Dolce Wines is a family run business, founded by Erika and Mauro in 2015. We are an Italian couple who simply love to enjoy some good wine together and why not, in company.

We like to think of ourselves as relief carriers, as a good glass of wine after a long week or busy day has the power to reduce the stress.


2014 - We moved to Scotland searching for a new challenge

2015 - We opened our retail with a special wine selection of our native area, that gave the name to the business too: Canton Colli Euganei

2016 – We won our first award as Best Off Sales in Scotland (The Scottish Independent Retail Awards). We also launched a new website allowing to order wine online and get it delivered.

2017 – We boast of over 50 Italian wine labels, that we gradually introduced instore. We rebranded our business now called My Dolce Wines


We moved to Scotland at the beginning of 2014, fascinated by its unspoiled landscapes and it has been a challenge to start a life over from zero. It did not pass much time before we started to plan on this project, that with effort we brought forward on our free time, step by step.

We decided for the hard path of importation, so to be directly sourced by trusted companies. In other words we can offer in the UK the same quality wine that Italians drink. You can buy with confidence as we would never stock a product we would not drink

We enthusiastically opened in November 2015, launching a wine line of our native area, Colli Euganei located in the heart of Veneto region. We initially chose to call us Canton Colli Euganei thinking to value the origin of our quality products.

One of the main reasons why people remember us is for the uniqueness of having wine on tap. There is a choice of 6 varieties and you can try the wine before buying. We offer three sizes of bottles: Small, Medium or Large which are available in plastic or glass. These are reusable and refillable allowing the customer to save on packaging costs and at the same time recycling and saving the environment with an eco-friendly system.

Many of our customers have travelled to Mediterranean countries such as Spain, France, Greece and of course Italy, and had previously seen how this system works. We are often associated to a good holiday memory, so that persons have the possibility to dive in a special atmosphere with our wine selection. Our virgin customers on the other side are always surprised and excited to try this new method and learn something new.

Because of the high demand of the most famous Italian wines, we gradually increased our wine list, now counting over 50 Italian wine labels. Not only big names but a selection of the wine ambassadors for almost each region of the country, sometimes hardly known in the UK market.

2016 brought some delightful news for us since we were declared the best Off Sales shop of the Scottish Independent Retail Awards. An appreciated award that we consider a prize to the quality wines we stock.

In the summer 2016 we launched our e-commerce in order to give people all over the UK the possibility to order some of the best Italian wines online and get them with home delivery.

Through this journey we experienced some difficulties in proposing ourselves with our name Canton Colli Euganei and this brought us to our recent rebranding into My Dolce Wines. We believe this will have a positive impact, giving the sensation of a genuine related connection with Italy.

Everyday we work hard to offer the best value for money on our Italian wine range, excellent customer service, engaging customers and inform them on products and deals. Passion for wine is what lead us and make all this possible. Thank you for your support. Erika and Mauro.


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